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Calendar of Events

June 08, 2024


Echo Lake: Native Plant Zone Party

June 08, 10am-12pm @ Echo Lake Park

Our native plants, new and old, are asking for more mulch before the weather gets too dry! We'll be doing a little pruning and weeding, but mostly we'll be spreading mulch. Come join neighbors and other Friends of Echo Lake, making our little area of the globe a little greener. more


Hamlin Forest Restoration - get dirty, learn new skills and have fun

June 08, 10am-1pm @ Hamlin Park

Join your neighbors and make new friends while expanding and protecting Hamlin Park’s beautiful urban forest. We are restoring the forest by removing invasive species, improving the health of the soil, and planting native trees, shrubs and ground cover. Improve your wildlife identification skills while learning urban forestry and ecological restoration best practices. Students can earn community service hours while having fun outdoors. more


Help Us Grow Our Forest at Richmond Beach Saltwater Park

June 08, 9am-11:30am @ Richmond Beach Saltwater Park

Start your weekend with panoramic views of Puget Sound and the Olympia Mountains while helping to take care of native habitat restoration areas. We'll be removing noxious weeds and mulching this weekend. Everyone who comes to help restore nearshore habitat at the park is appreciated! No experience is necessary; just an interest in working together and having fun while protecting and restoring native habitat. We’ll provide all of the tools and work gloves. (You are welcome to bring your own if you wish). more


Northcrest Park - 2024 Restoration Event #6

June 08, 9am-1pm @ Northcrest Park

Northcrest Park efforts continue to create a nursery for Western Red Cedars and other native plants. Opening up space for more park interaction and a new short path to appreciate the big cedar burned last year should be ready to use. A great place for families to picnic! more


Shoreline Park Work Party

June 08, 10am-12pm @ Shoreline Park

Please join us in keeping the small forest of Shoreline Park beautiful. If we love this park, it will keep loving us right back. We made some great progress on a new zone and will mostly finish weeding it this week. There will be ivy, blackberry, and mulching. and working to preserve the native trailing blackberry, salal, huckleberry, and other native plants already thriving. more


Spring Cleaning Week #13

June 08, 9am-12pm @ Shoreview Park

We're preparing for our Fall 2024 planting. Clearing the entire area along the west side of of the dog park, from the south gate to the north gate. We'll mulch the areas to be replanted. Plus more TLC for our prior restoration areas. Our work is high visibility, high impact. Very social with lots of humans, puppies, and rainbows. Plus the occasional Big Foot sighting. more


Summer begins

June 08, 9:30am-12:30pm @ Twin Ponds Park

What to do with weeds: The making, maintenance and importance of compost piles, more