Twin Ponds Park - Work party06/18/2022


Come be a part of the environmental restoration where we are in our sixth year of work. We removed a monoculture of blackberry weeds which offer little to the natural habitat in the park. Our new plantings will interact with all the fauna in the park, be they fish, fowl, amphibians, birds insects small animals or more. We create a successful and sustainable habitat where each living organism interacts with others in a mutually beneficial way. Non native flora and fauna do not provide the same support to this habitat. Come join us and participate in this renewal. In June we will continue turning a weedy strip along First Av into a flower and shrub garden.

All ages OK

4 out of 20 participants registered.

What to Bring

Work clothes and shoes to get dirty, work gloves, water and snacks.
Please bring your children but plan to keep a close eye on children under 8 who will need your help and your reinforcement of instructions. Be aware of attention spans and ability to not trample plants. We find age-appropriate tasks for children.

Where to Meet

READ CAREFULLY: We will meet in a parking lot just one block north of 149th St. Take care not to follow mapping apps as you will end up in parking lot at 155th St.
We are adjacent to the community garden and Aegis Senior Living.

Where to Park

In parking lot one block north of 149th St.

Date & Time

June 18, 2022 10am - 1pm


Sarah Fulton


Extra Info

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