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GRUBFEST at Northcrest Park! We are entering the next level of restoration and now that most of the blackberry canes are removed, it's time to attack the roots. We have lots of shovels and other tools to remove the roots and allow us to move on to the next step - mulching!

All ages OK

8 out of 20 participants registered.

What to Bring

Wear close toed shoes and layers of clothing, including a hat and sunscreen. Bring your favorite water bottle and willingness to 'get grubby'.
Notice - there are no water or restroom facilities in the park. The closest public facilities are south at Paramount Park - 155th and 8th.

Where to Meet

We are working just south of the meadow in the middle of the west side of the park. Come join us as we expand last years efforts there.

Meeting Location Map

Where to Park

Parking is available along 170th as we are respectful of the neighbors driveways.

Date & Time

July 13, 2024 9am - 12pm


Cindy C-Wilson

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